UMA Games server-based system
The UMA Games Server-Based system is a network solution which provides modern and comfortable conditions for gaming. Huge variety of games can be downloaded from the server to any type of terminal, including playing kiosks, cabinets of gaming machines, terminals integrated to bar counters or tables, and other.
Being placed in various leisure places like arcades, bar areas, cafes or casinos playing terminals are connected to the local network within one location, and locations could be organized to one global wide area system. Real-time monitoring provides full technical, financial and statistical data of all terminals of the whole network.

Games variety
Gaming terminal provides access to multiply game's content stored on the server and instantly downloaded by player’s request. Game library is cinstantly updated with new titles.

Taking into account the operational conditions, design and customer requests, the hardware can be encased in cabinets of various configurations: gaming kiosks, cabinets of a gaming machine, playing terminals integrated into bar counter, table surface and other.

Security and monitoring
Our software provides highly secure and rapid data transfer. Control of playing terminals is performed permanently in real time. Technical, financial and statistical information about the entire network can be displayed on the staff workstation, financial and statistical machine data – on each terminal.

Variants playing terminals connection into a network:
• Local Area Network with a local server connecting terminals within one location;
• Network with a global server connecting several locations.
Server hardware has no special requirements. It is configured to meet the requirements of certain network.