Fuga is fully committed to providing solid gaming systems necessary for seamless and flexible operation. Fuga encompasses the entire product development cycle, from low-level peripheral drivers and communication protocols to SDK based on own gaming systems.

Fuga’s experienced development team specializes in software platforms customizable for various gaming boards. We are ready to meet any market regulation requirements and cabinet specifications.

Fuga takes pride in the creation of unbeatable protection systems to ensure ultimate security from any unauthorized action and ensuring customer satisfaction.
game development kit (gdk)
Game Development Kit (GDK) is a set of high level software development tools and libraries for creation of wide range of gambling applications.
Game development with FUGA GDK allows to shorten time-to-market due to standardized approach to development process. This way you also avoid being depended on particular programmer in product developemnt.
FUGA GDK tools allow you take create gambling game of any type of logic and even multigame, multiplayer and linked jackpot systems.
Main GDK features:
Advanced MVC architect
Embedded correct system logic
Embedded communication to gaming system (either Fuga Gaming System or your own via GDK adapter)
Object and module based structure
Graphic scene/engine: html + js like control of game graphics
Ready-to-use GDK modules: game panel, double feature
Step-by-step instructions for stages of game development
software gaming platfroms
Experience and reputation of our development team in creation of gaming software platforms is so solid among our clients that they trusted us on numerous occasions in consulting gaming board producers on boards’ design.

Fuga is proud to offer to its clients flexibility of supporting any gaming board and any gaming regulation. One of best examples is our long-living AAMS approved gaming platform for C6A Italian market.
14 supported hardware platforms
2 software gaming platforms
protection and indentification system
Identification and protection System of our own development is the essential part of our software platform intended for protection of players and our clients from any illegal actions to game software.

System is based on Identification and Protection Key (IDPK) which is specially designed for identification of the unique game software copy and its protection against copying or modification.
The reliable security of the game program is provided by:
saving the unique identifier
encrypted data exchange
checking the integrity of the game content
complete encryption of the operating system and game content
In case of invalid connection or disconnection of gaming board with the IDPK, the game is blocked until connection is correctly restored.

The game and the database are not decrypted and cannot be copied or modified.