The moon is full today; it means that time for great sorcery has come. You are a welcome guest at the witches’ Sabbath, where you will learn how to attract wealth and opulence into your life with magical acts.
Ice Witch freezes the outward things to experience your luck; she will ask you to find the tarot card among the ice, and you can be sure that all of her cards have good interpretation only!
Fire Witch knows spells, which could transform her into a cat, owl or even inanimate objects, multiply received gold over and over again, and create many reflections of Wild.
Look at the crystal sphere, cook potions, ride the broomstick and become the wizard or sorceress at Witchcraft video slot game!
Pentagram swaps positions with other symbols as long as this can improve the winning combinations.
Find two parts of Sword, Maiden, Mage or Eye card to get prize or a Sun card to get Super Prize.
Fire Witch symbols start series of Respins with special features: Secret Symbols, Multi Wilds or Wild Stacks.
video slot
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20, 30, 40
Pay: left to right
Max bet per game: optional up to 12000 credits
Top award with 1 credit bet per line: 500 times total bet
Payback percentage: 94%, 96%
Multi-denomination: 5 values
Double up mode with cards: Red or Black or Suit (for land-based version)
land based features
Cabaret Mystery Jackpot
System Progressive Jackpot
Multi-language: English, Spanish
Dual/single screen